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Le Pustra’s


Dec 8th + 9th, 2023 at Heimathafen, Berlin




Pictures © KDN + Daggi Binder / Maizucker



Pictures © KDN + Daggi Binder / Maizucker



Pictures © KDN + Daggi Binder / Maizucker

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The Show

Kabarett der Namenlosen by Teri Darnell.

Verrucht und extravagant"

Berliner Morgenpost

Photo: © Teri Darnell

Le Pustra’s Kabarett der Namenlosen is a provocative theatrical "cabaret play" and contemporary interpretation of the progressive Weimar era Cabaret Culture and hedonistic nightlife of Post World War I in Berlin. The project was conceived and visualised by English actor, singer and internationally iridescent "kunstfigur", Madame Le Pustra (Edwina Morell in TV's Babylon Berlin, Season 3-4)

On the 24th of September 2011 the initial show made its stage debut at Die Freche Muse, at the Old Cholmeley Boys Club in Dalston, London. But it was only in March 2016 that Kabarett der Namenlosen was to resurface again, this time in Berlin. The show was restaged and developed at Ballhaus Berlin (built in 1905) and co-produced by the Grande Dame of 1920s entertainment, Else Edelstahl (Bohème Sauvage).


Taking inspiration from various colourful Berlin Cabarets including the famous Eldorado nightclub (1928), Die Weiße Maus Cabaret (1919) and Erich "Elow" Lowlinsky’s original version of the notorious Kabarett der Namenlosen (1926-1932), Le Pustra reimagines Berlin’s legendary nightlife. The show is presented as a salon-cum-nightclub with transitioning short scenes or vignettes, resulting in a decadent smoky hallucination of sex, art and beautyThe Kabarett explores the newly found sexual freedoms available (partially due to the relaxation of censorship) and avant-garde artistic innovation, especially seen in Theater, Dance, Film and Cabaret. Thus the aim of this lavishly curated production is to not only recapture but also to celebrate the exhilarating (yet unstable) Zeitgeist during the interwar years in Europe’s newest sex capital, Berlin.


Le Pustra says “I want to offer our audiences a voyeuristic glimpse into the erotic and smoky underworld of a secretive late night “Nachtlokal” where one might encounter the icon of Weimar nightlife, the scandalous dancer Anita Berber or perhaps witness the naked dance troupe Ballet Celly de Reidt performing one of their infamous Schönheitsabende." Berlin’s wild nightlife and erotic notorious hotspots still fascinates us today and the 1920s is more popular than ever with tourists, artists and historians in search of that mythical “divine decadence” à la Sally Bowles in 1972's Cabaret.


In 2022, Le Pustra’s Kabarett der Namenlosen was also featured in the award winning TV hit, Babylon Berlin (Season #4) starring Le Pustra as Edwina Morell, the queer flame-haired Souteneur and diabolical Conférencier. The scene is reminiscent of Elow's original concept.

After a 3 year hiatus, Kabarett der Namenlosen shall finally make its return on the 8th and 9th of December 2023 for a limited run at the historic Heimathafen Neukölln, Berlin.


So... leave your inhibitions at the door and enter a world of scandal, intrigue and self indulgence. Celebrate the Grotesque and the Bizarre. Immerse yourself in a decadent mise-en-scène and dance the night away with The Beautiful and The Damned.

Featuring selected music from Friedrich Hollaender, Kurt Weill, Rudolph Nelson, Mischa Spoliansky, Willy Rosen, Jaap Kool, Bertolt Brecht and poetry by Kurt Tucholsky and Anita Berber

The Players

Starring: Le Pustra, Charly Voodoo, Vicky Butterfly, Mama Ulita, Shir-ran Yinon, Bridge Markland, ReveRso, Julietta la Doll, Lars Schwuchow, Pierre-Louis Dezert and guest performer: Lola la Tease.


Concept & Art Director: Le Pustra

Co-Producer: Else Edelstahl

Stage Manager: Louise The Breeze

Light Designer: Bryan Schall

Set Design: Lars Schwuchow

Choreography: Charlie Peters

Hair Design: Nina Butkovich-Budden

Makeup: Désirée Keitel & Basil Prinz