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Whilst visiting Berlin in 2012, I discovered the Kabarett der Namenlosen (Cabaret of the Nameless) and was instantly intrigued by the title alone. Originally created by Jewish Conférencier, Eric ‘Elow’ Lowinsky’ in 1926, Kabarett der Namenlosen was infamous for presenting only the worst possible talent, in order to satisfy the perverted pleasures of a cruel audience.

The Cabaret was very successful and popular at the time. But I wanted to offer something dreamier and poetic by fusing some of my influences such as Fashion, Cinema and Theatre. I had no idea what would happen and how people would respond. I was TERRIFIED of failure. So I began my research into the 1920’s in Berlin and found so much material: beautiful music and interesting characters. Most people have only one idea of “Weimar Berlin” which usually includes Liza Minnelli in ‘Cabaret’ or Marlene Dietrich in ’Der Blaue Engel’. I wanted to offer something new, something exciting and something that represents me as an artist.

The final result was more than I could ever have hoped for and the show has developed into something really special with the passion of the talented cast and support from loved ones. This show proves that you can achieve your dreams and to believe in YOUR vision. A cliché but for good reason.  


- Le Pustra